About Us


Amelia Stardust is a New York based online boutique that sells an abundance of trendy clothing, phone cases, and accessories. Since launched in July of 2015 as a way to sell exquisite second hand clothing, we have grown into a collection of hand picked treasures that have been inspired by the latest trends all over the world. Amelia Stardust was founded on the idea that no matter what your fashion sense or style, there should be a one stop shop to find something special to fit your own individual aesthetic.

Self named after popular Tumblr blogger Amelia Stardust, she has worked around the clock to assure that there is always something new and trendy for sale and that every individual package is prepped for shipping. As the owner, Amelia is constantly envisioning new ideas to expand her boutique and takes risks to help stay ahead of the trends to bring you the freshest of looks.
Here at Amelia Stardust not only are we dedicated to offering unique, ahead of the curve pieces, but we truly value each and every customer.