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13 Feb '16


Posted by Amelia Plummer

So I woke up this morning to find out that Buzzfeed wrote a wonderful article about cool places to get affordable jewelry online, and Amelia Stardust was one of them! As a thank you you can use the code BUZZFEED for 15% off your order!!



You can check out the article here!

12 Oct '15

Teen Vogue Feature

Posted by Amelia Plummer in press, staff update, store news, teen vogue

Teen Vogue Feature

I'm so pleased to announce that I was recently featured in TEEN VOGUE!!

!!!! Click Here to Read the Article !!!!

Teen Vogue ran an article about my tumblr and how I am a big part of the tumblr community. Besides focusing on what it means to be "tumblr famous", the article also mentions how I've managed to open up a store in conjunction with my blog. 

As a thank you, use the code TEENVOGUE for 10% off your order 

Lots of Love!!
Amelia + Ziggy